Wednesday, January 1, 2014


An incident over the summer really highlighted for me my lack of a small defensive firearm. So we went to our local gun shop and started looking at pistols.

The craziness this past year about guns has meant there hasn't been as much of a selection as there used to be. And when we went in June, that was definitely the case. They just didn't have anything I wanted to spend money on.

They did have a handful of the Jimenez semiautos in stock. And I knew they weren't the best pistols but weren't the worst either.

We tried the 9mm but my Beloved could not operate the slide. She could however operate the 380. So for a whopping $139 that's what we went home with.

The first mistake became apparent immediately when we could not find any ammo for it at all! We finally found a box of FMJ at a place down the road a ways. Took it out to shoot and was pleased with the little gun.

But the gun bothered me. I like shooting semis but I've always been a wheel gun man at heart. I didn't feel comfortable keeping it loaded, so there was a good bit of fussing that had to be done before it could be used. And I wasn't confident my Beloved could perform all the necessary steps in the heat of the moment.

So I've been keeping my eye out for a nice snubby revolver. And just before Christmas I found it!

It's a Taurus 85 2-inch, stainless steel in 38 special. And if I could love a handgun, this would be it.

It's almost a piece of art. It functions flawlessly. Shoots right to point of aim at 7 yards. And it's so simple! Point and click.

The only problem is that this gun has reminded me just how much I enjoy shooting revolvers. And I'm already lusting after the 7-inch stainless Blackhawk in 44-mag they have in their case.

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