Monday, January 20, 2014

Home phone

We have a home phone. It's that Straight Talk deal, $15 for unlimited talk.

We like it a lot. The service is inexpensive and it works very well. We've had absolutely no problems with it.

The thing that surprises me is that many folks seem to have forgotten what "home phone" means. LOL!

It's attatched to the wall, it doesn't go anywhere. Yet quite often we get people asking why we didn't answer our phone while we were out.

And it's not just young folk either. My Grandmother (who still admonishes us to call collect, is that even an option anymore?) does this as well.

It's very funny to me that what was the norm only a very few short years ago is now almost completely forgotten.


  1. Having a home phone is more than enough. In fact I find that for myself any more is too much. A few years back I canceled my cell phone for half a year until the backlash from being inaccessible at others' convenience caused me to fold. One day I will be strong enough, but not today.

    1. We do keep a couple of tracfones for when we're out and about. But we buy a bare minimum of minutes for them, averaging about $10 per phone a month.