Saturday, January 18, 2014

Labor saving devices

While I was cutting up that tree with my axe, I realized there really is no such thing as a labor saving device. Because almost every modern labor saving device requires power (fuel) of some sort which costs money.

So in that regard they are really only labor swapping devices.

Sure I could have that tree cut up in 10 minutes with a chainsaw. But I'd have to have a full time job to pay to run the thing!

I think I'll stick with my manual options that don't cost money.


  1. Never thought about it from that angle. It's only labor saving to the end user. However, is it a worthy trade off that we have such devices and the Einstein's, Bach, and Picasso's of the world are not spending their days just surviving?

    1. I am arguing that it is not labor saving to the end user. It just appears that way because even though it takes less time to perform a certain task the user has to perform other labor in order to earn money to pay to run the labor saving device.

      It's interesting to note that two of your geniuses lived before many of these devices existed. ;-)